Bar La Ribera: unforgettable tripe to the Madrileña in Madrid

The Bar La Ribera is one of the typical bars in the La Latina neighborhood that are perfect for drinking beers and ordering delicious food for good prices.

The menu of this place is typical of any Madrid bar in the area: they have a variety of tostas, pork ear rations, calamari, gulas, prawns, etc. All very well prepared and served in very generous portions.

Of drinks you can get wines, vermouth, national and imported beers and some artisan.

What to eat at the Bar La Ribera


If there is a reason why I recommend you go to the Bar La Ribera, it is exclusively for you to ask for their famous callos a la madrileña . They are a savage, a plate eat 2 people and if you also ask for a cane, they will put a cap that will complete the meal.

In this video you can give a clearer idea of ​​how the bar and the tripe that they serve:

Otherwise, any other dish you ask for, will surely leave you happy, and when you receive the bill you will not cry for the prices, everything is fine.

If you have never been to Madrid, or if you have not tried the tripe to Madrid, the Bar la Ribera is a good place for you to visit.

Reeds come with a cover included.

The rods come with a cover included.

As it is located in the middle Plaza de Cascorro >, on Sundays this bar becomes one of those indispensable places to go for cañas and tapas after a walk around El Rastro . It fills up with people and it gets pretty animated.

bar la ribera la latina madrid

At night it is also a good point to go if you are in the area in search of food and drinks.

And well, when there is football nothing like drinking canes and eating tripe to the Madrileña to support the spite while they put 4 goals to your favorite team.

The Bar La Ribera is located in Plaza de Cascorro 13, in the heart of the La Latina neighborhood. It is near the metro station of La Latina (Line 5).

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