Kebabs at € 2 in Madrid: Döner Kebab Delicias

If it is a question of eating cheaply in the streets of Madrid, the places of Kebabs are one of the best options.

In the neighborhood of Delicias, just in front of the exit of the train station Cercanías, one of my favorite Kebabs restaurants in the city, this is Döner Kebab Delicias . A classic place for this type of food: simple, with a menu that goes from the mentioned Turkish sandwich, to fried chicken, grilled chicken, and even patatas bravas and croquettes.

Döner's most interesting thing Kebab Delicias are the prices: for 2 euros you can eat a very generous Kebab , for 2.90 € a Durum and the menus, with chips and soft drinks from € 4.

Also, they have combos if you go with your friends that cheapen the experience even more.

doner kebab delights out

The Kebabs and Durums are pretty good. They are simple: veal, chicken or falafel. menu doner kebab delicias

You can also ask for a " Kebab dish "which is basically meat (chicken or veal) served on a plate with a side of salad and chips or basmati rice.  dish doner kebab delights

The hot sauce is quite delicious and itches like it should be.

The fried chicken is nothing new, it is fried and tastes good. For € 1 they give you 2 wings and for € 3 they give you 7.

chicken fried doner kebab delicias

The indispensable dish - What to eat

Döner Kebab Delicias is a really cheap place to eat. Either one of the Turkish options or a simple grilled chicken, you will spend little money.

My recommendation, indispensable if you go to this place is that you ask for the "Kebab Plate Menu" or the "Menu Falafel dish ".

Watch on video how a served dish looks:

And if the Kebabs are not your thing, right next door is a restaurant Pretty interesting Chinese called "International Restaurant" from which you can read my review here:

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Döner Kebab Delicias is located in Calle de Bustamante 7. It is in front of the Cercanías de Delicias train station and 100 meters from the metro station of the same name (Line 3).